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QuadReal Property Group, wholly owned by the BC Investment Management Corporation, is one of the largest real estate asset managers in Canada. The QuadReal customer service call centre is responsible for receiving service requests and dispatching work orders for commercial tenants in QuadReal’s portfolio of over 275 office, industrial, and retail properties across Canada. The process to communicate tenant issues to QuadReal staff, property managers, and maintenance workers was manually intensive, reliant on email, lacked consistent and collaborative forms, and had no analytics for job, building, city, regional, or national status tracking or reporting.

In response, ITK developed QuadReal Connect, a self-service web portal and case management solution to collect, route, manage, and report on the variety of service requests and communications with commercial tenants. The QuadReal connect system includes Dynamics 365 for case management, a tenant facing Power Apps portal, and a suite of Power Apps to allow building operations, customer service and leasing staff to manage and conduct work on their computers and mobile devices. In addition, dispatch of work orders was automated with a rules engine that defines routing, priority, and handling instructions to be defined for each property, type of service and even specific tenants to automatically route work orders to service teams and provide specific instructions for resolution. 

QuadReal Connect now processes thousands of tenant requests per month by automatically alerting the service teams of relevant staff, contractors, and stakeholders of the tasks they need to complete as part of each request. By segmenting requests from the initial email or portal submission by the tenant, ITK reduced call centre activity by over 50 per cent and allowed QuadReal to redeploy resources to more value-added tenant interactions. Customer Service and Maintenance staff no longer need to manually dispatch and assign work orders and prioritize them, they can now use their mobile devices to receive, review, claim, and close work orders in real time, uploading pictures, receipts, and other pertinent job data to the systems central repository. The entire system leverages the comprehensive reporting capabilities of Dynamics and the Power Platform for personalized dashboards and analytics to determine individual, team, and corporate response rates and performance.

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