Power Platform Developer

My days are rather varied depending on what projects I’m working on. Every day starts with coffee and a review of what I need to accomplish that day. Normally I’m working on one main project as well as providing support/development for a few other smaller ones; as a result, prioritizing and time-boxing my work is important. 

I probably spend about 40% of my time working with clients gathering requirements and other members of my team discussing and reviewing possible solutions and about 60% of my time implementing those solutions. I have found that spending more time planning means less rework later. As for the implementation component, these days it’s pretty equally split between building Power Automate flows, writing JavaScript to customize the user experience and writing C# code for either Plugins or Custom Workflow Activities.

Friday afternoons are a virtual hangout/drinks with my coworkers which is a nice way to unwind and socialize especially while going through the pandemic. We try very hard not to discuss work during these social sessions but sometimes we fail!

Deanna Beauchamp
Power Platform Developer

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