First Nations Health Authority – Voices

The FNHA is the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. FNHA aims to reform the way health care is delivered to BC First Nations and help improve health and wellbeing. FNHA has a broad mandate to work with the Province and First Nations to improve health services and address service gaps through new partnerships, closer collaboration, and health systems innovation. They plan, design, manage, and fund the delivery of First Nations health programs across BC. 

FNHA sought a modern, cloud-based case management platform to support a variety of use cases, with accompanying workflow, document management, collaboration, notification, and reporting capabilities. To meet this need, ITK designed and configured a Microsoft D365 Customer Service Enterprise (CE) and Power Platform solution called “Voices” to support a priority list of use cases, including Complaints & Compliance, Clinical & Non-clinical Incidents, Healthcare Navigation, Crisis Management, Safety Hazard Management, Community Finding Arrangements, Health Benefits operations, Mental Health Intervention, and Oral Health.

The “Voices” application provides increased data transparency and enables the timely exchange of information between internal and external systems, which makes some service provision dramatically faster. The software also provides greater insight into operations, with benefits such as easy data entry, real-time data, and aggregate reports that make it much simpler to plan programs and services in support of patient care. In addition, the solution is cloud-based, so it’s always accessible, even from remote areas. The new application has transformed the work process, allowing the FNHA to spend more time on client interactions rather than documenting in multiple different systems that didn’t work together.

Microsoft identified the Voices project as a unique solution to celebrate and share:

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